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Introducing SAMii – the ultimate interactive mobile solution for managing your music education Admin.

With SAMii, the focus is on the students and the passion for teaching, while we handle the rest.
Effortlessly manage enrolments, cancellations, scheduling, communication, and payments, all in one place.

Let SAMii simplify your admin tasks so you can do what you love most – make music!
administration and paperwork of a creative education business; helps

SAMii is NOT an invoicing platform. It's unlike anything you've used before.

No need to compile data, to then have to send the invoice, only then having to wait for payment.

EEEK,  such an old model with so many problems.

With SAMii, Educators are paid for every lesson they teach, Every week!

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Revolutionising payments.
One lesson at a time.

Maximum security.

Powered By Stripe. Complying with strict data protection standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which protects cardholder information handling.

Seamless communication.

In app communication, right where you need it. No more looking for the communication platform where you last left that important message.

Works like magic.

An app that you don't actually need to use. After the easy setup, SAMii is cleverly automated, working in the background so you don't have to do much to reap its benefits.

100% Aussie owned.

And ready for the world!  Co-Founder Pete, a music educator for over 20 years, and loves automation. Co-founder Michelle, a business transformation expert who loves leading the way of positive industry change.

How It Works.

How It Works.

How It Works.

How It Works.

Three simple steps.

Three simple steps.

How It Works.

Three simple steps.

How It Works.

How It Works.



Set up your free SAMii profile in seconds.

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Verify that the dates, fees and other lesson information are correct.

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With one link, students are enrolled into their lessons. 

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There's no step four.

All you need to do now is relax, and let the music play.

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Don't just take our word for it.

I'm a private music tutor with around 80 students. Thanks to SAMii, I can't imagine dealing with 80 invoices on top of lesson schedules! I get paid like clockwork, making it feel like a real job. SAMii – Do yourself a favour!

I love using SAMii because I never have to wonder if my invoices went through, no chasing up payments or worrying about cancellations. I'm a busy mom of 3 plus run another online teaching community and love the time SAMii is saving me by not having to worry about writing invoices, creating invoices and chasing up those invoices. It saves me so much time. I also love its simplicity. No intricate, complicated bookkeeping systems that you have to learn.

Anna from Anna's Music Studio.

It's so good knowing that money is in my account every Monday without me having to calculate, write or chase a single invoice.

Sofie from Saili Music.

President of the Music teachers Association of South Australia.

Need more convincing?


Distributed to educators since launching. That's over 11000 lessons that did not need any invoices waiting to be paid by parents. (we know they want to, they just sometimes take their time) 


Fast chat support, we are here to help, Educators and their student's parents sometimes have questions. We are here to help!!

Your entire music ed business. Right in your pocket.

Small change for big changes.

At SAMii, we are so confident that you’ll earn more by having more students and doing less admin, that we'll help you give to partnered charities.

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Don't miss a beat.

Stay up to date on all the latest news and update from SAMii, and the way we're changing music education for good.

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Eliminate confusion and welcome a platform that’s as steady as a metronome.

For educators.


Focus on your passion for teaching while SAMii handles the paperwork. With seamless management of enrolments, cancellations, scheduling, communication, payments, and invoicing, you can devote more time to your students and less time to admin tasks.


Ensure you're paid promptly and accurately for every lesson, every week. SAMii's automated system ensures no missed payments or follow-ups, letting you concentrate on delivering quality education.


Handle enrolments, payments, scheduling, cancellations, and more, all in one integrated platform, streamlining your administrative tasks efficiently and reducing the need for multiple browser tabs.


SAMii handles debits, payments, and scheduling calculations with precision, reducing manual errors and saving time. This automation ensures accurate financial transactions and lesson planning, allowing you to focus more on teaching and less on administration.

For parents.


Stay informed about your child's music education with real-time updates on lesson progress, schedules, and important reminders. SAMii ensures clear communication between you and the educator.


No more awkward conversations about payments. SAMii handles all financial transactions automatically, providing clear records and reminders for peace of mind.


With administrative tasks managed by SAMii, educators can dedicate more time and attention to teaching, ensuring your child receives the best possible music education experience.


Using Stripe for payment processing, Maintaining the highest standards of integrity and reliability. This allows you to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks, enhancing your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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